The stats say it all….

By Debbie Ireland of ShareThePoint Ltd.

Despite Office 365 having been around a few years now, there’s still a lot of interest in and concern about user adoption.  At DWCNZ this year, I asked the room to fill out some quick polls during my session (The Lego Approach to Implementing Office 365) and some of the results were really interesting.

41% of attendees said they’ve had Office 365 a while, but are still only using a small part of it.  This is representative of what we are seeing in organisations – but with the rate Microsoft is delivering change at the moment it’s probably not surprising.  It’s a challenge for those of us ‘in the industry’ to keep up!



When faced with identifying what their main frustrations in the workplace are, 65% of  answers related to lack of leadership, lack of engagement, and the old chestnut – lack of information management.  Have you heard the term ‘eat your own dogfood’?



While I wouldn’t suggest you whip out your can of jellymeat and spoon – like the president of Kal Kan Pet Food reportedly did (he was said to eat a can of his company’s dog food at shareholders’ meetings!) – the poll results reiterate how important it is for organisations to have solid executive sponsorship and support…. It’s likely many of the other frustrations would be avoided with that in place.

If you or your management team don’t know where to start – maybe check out Microsoft’s Service Adoption Specialist training.

I also asked people to rate different delivery mechanisms of training – 70% of responses marked ‘Trial and error on my own’ as critical, but this was followed closely by ‘Assistance from other users’ and ‘Assistance from my organisation’s help desk’.  Clearly the need to develop internal expertise is really important – and people want action and hands-on experience…. champions among the crowd are equally as important as IT resource!  Tracey van der Schyff wrote this post a while back about the changing nature of IT support – really worth a read.

But what was overwhelmingly obvious is that so many training touch-points are still considered critical – so don’t skimp on the training!

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