No-one really likes their intranet, but that won’t matter: A financial services organisation case study

We hear all the time about what you need for a successful project: top-down sponsorship, budget, I.T. and the business working together.

In this session

you will hear about how to carry out a successful intranet migration and re-platforming project without a single one of the success indicators being present.

Using a financial services company case study, this presentation follows the move from SP2010 to O365 (including SP Online) against a backdrop of the Royal Commission and increased pressure from consumers and staff. What (if anything) does this mean for the new initiative? And how does one go about dealing with 3.5 million pieces of content and 2,000+ content owners?

You will hear about:

  • The impact of external forces, like the Royal Commission into the Financial Services industry on a DWP initiative
  •  Staying sane through the use of pet projects, innovation, ideas and new ways of communicating.
  • How the organisation stemmed the potential flood of O365 apps into the organisation, built understanding and capacity and ensured everything had a specific use/purpose.
  • Arriving at a point where the intranet is contextualised within an environment where Microsoft Teams takes over collaboration, virtual assistants make findability actually happen, and APIs and ML help be used to consume the intranet content etc., around use cases.

Location: Implementation Date: August 7, 2019 Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm Cairo Walker Cairo Walker