Welcome – The Impacts of Digital Transformation


Debbie Ireland (Managing Director of ShareThePoint Ltd) and Mark Rhodes (Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft Australia) have been organising the Digital Workplace Conferences in New Zealand and Australia for the last 10 years. Join them for the opening of Australia’s 9th event.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 1: The New Age of Simplicity in the Modern Workplace


At a time when the rate of change, diversity and pressure to do more with less in the Enterprise is increasing the tension between users, IT and budget holders.

This presentation will explore some of feedback Microsoft are hearing from our customers and introduce how Microsoft 365 is addressing these challenge.



Presenter: Aaron Dinnage

Aaron Dinnage is a Modern Workplace Specialist at Microsoft helping Australian customers transform through the use of Microsoft cloud technologies.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 2: Handling the Pace of Change in a New Era


Guess what – we are in a new technology paradigm, and this conference explores “Digitial Transformation” for good reason. We have moved beyond monolithic tools like SharePoint, to a broader and more wide-ranging set of tools, underpinned by cloud-based platforms. We have a large set of compelling tools and technology platforms at our disposal, that can be switched on in minutes. Used well, they can radically transform how an organisation does its business…

But there is a price.

For all of this power and flexibility, we have to cope with a bewildering amount of options, and a relentless and increasing pace of change. This creates complexity, ambiguity and more questions than answers. It is hard to make sense of where technology is going when, as soon as you feel you have a better handle on things, the rug gets pulled out again with a new announcement, product or enhancement.

So we try and cope with this via strategy and governance, to reduce ambiguity and provide clarity. However, it is one of the great ironies of modern corporate life we often end up doing the opposite: increasing ambiguity rather than reducing it.

Maybe we don’t truly understand ambiguity at all.

This talk examines the powerful, yet hidden force of ambiguity and how intolerance of it drives self-defeating behaviors in organisations faced with change. Ambiguity is a primal force that drives much of our behaviour, and it is typically viewed negatively – something to be avoided or to be controlled. This session shows you how ambiguity can be harnessed, so that IT and knowledge workers can work together to truly realise the potential of digital transformation.

Paul Culmsee

Presenter: Paul Culmsee

Paul Culmsee is a management consultant, business strategist, sensemaker and award winning author with more than 25 years of experience. Based in Perth, Western Australia, he co-founded Seven Sigma Business Solutions ( and specialises in sensemaking, helping organisations (re)discover their purpose, knowledge management, strategic planning, IT governance, facilitation and all facets of SharePoint and Office365 delivery.


Close by Debbie Ireland

Location: Keynote Date: August 15, 2018 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Aaron Dinnage Paul Culmsee Paul Culmsee