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Time Day1:  Wednesday 23 August Presenter Type
  9:00 am KEYNOTE:  The Rise of the Digital Workplace Champion;  Hackalicious Christian Buckley
Michael Kordahi
PDF, 6.9 MB
 9.00 am KEYNOTE: Video link coming
11:00 am Deep Listening – How to Have an Impact Beyond Words Oscar Trimboli PDF, 8.9 MB
11:00 am Big Move – Learning from the Shell O365 Migration Robert Tucker, Dan McPherson PDF, 2.1 MB
11:00 am Building your Own Solution with Power Apps & Flow Steve Knutson PDF, 2.6 MB
11:00 am Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework Elaine van Bergen PDF, 3.4 MB
12:15 pm Transform Knowledge Management and Collaboration with Office 365 Sue Hanley PDF, 5.6 MB
12:15 pm Workflow Automation: Why, When and With What Chris Ellis PDF, 2.8 MB
12:15 pm Getting Started with Power BI Dave Paylor PDF, 1 MB
12:15 pm Office Client Development Andrew Coates GitHub links
 2:00 pm Driving Digital Transformation in the Real World Shaun Leisegang, Igor Jericevich
 2:00 pm Office 365: 101 – Intro Session to Productivity Tools Debbie Ireland PDF, 1.9 MB
 2:00 pm What do YOU get from SharePoint Hybrid? Vlad Catrinescu PDF, 4.7 MB
 3:30 pm The Best Place to Hide Anything is Right in Front of Everyone! Observations of a Crusty Retired Banker Scott Phillips PDF, 1.4 MB
 3:30 pm How Microsoft Centralise their Physical & Digital Assests in SharePoint Joe Do PDF, 2.3 MB
 3:30 pm Optimise & Mobilise – Make it Easier for your People to Work on the Move Darrell Webster slideshare
 3:30 pm Azure Functions and Office 365 – Building Serverless Solutions John Liu PDF, 1.1 MB
 4:45 pm Experts Need Advocates – Building Tribes to Ramp up Change Bryan Whitefield PDF, 3.9 MB
 4:45 pm 6 Million Dollar Return on Digital Transformation Ian Newark, Christine Keeling PDF, 2.3 MB
 4:45 pm The Nuts and Bolts of Teams, Groups, and Conversation-as-a-Service Christian Buckley slideshare
 4:45 pm Ice Cream and French Fries with Cheese (a.k.a. Office 365 Development and JavaScript Frameworks) Adam Cogan

Time Day2:  Thursday 24 August Presenter Type
 9:00 am Put the Employee Experience at the Heart of the Digital Workplace James Robertson
 9:00 am Project Mercury – Building a Digital Workplace at PGG Wrightson Seeds Gareth Mitchell, Steve Knutson  PDF, 867 KB
 9:00 am Duly OneNoted – Personal, Collaborative Notes and More in OneNote and Office 365 Darrell Webster slideshare
 9:00 am PowerShell for Office 365 Vlad Catrinescu PDF, 2.5 MB
10:30 am Where’s my Desk? Office Relocations, Activity-based Working and the Digital Workplace Cairo Walker PDF, 3.4 MB
10:30 am From Intranet to Digital  Experience Platform Owen Brandt PDF, 9.2 MB
10:30 am How to Create a Governance and Training Delivery Site for SharePoint and Office 365 Sue Hanley  PDF, 6.5 MB
10:30 am A Certificate in Advanced PowerApps Awesomeness Paul Culmsee  .ppsx, 22 MB
11:45 am Sowing the Seeds of Change: Supporting People to Embrace Technology Liz Coup PDF, 3.8 MB
11:45 am Randstad – How an Australian Organisation Enabled 100%     Digital Processes Jon Brown
11:45 am Data-Driven Insights with O365 Dan McPherson PPT Online
11:45 am Get to Know the Microsoft Graph Elaine van Bergen PDF, 3.2 MB
 1:30 pm 5 Steps to an Effective Digital Strategy and Why You Need One Lee Stevens PDF, 26.4 MB
 1:30 pm Big Move – A Deep Dive into the Shell Migration Experience Robert Tucker, Dan McPherson PDF, 3.3 MB
 1:30 pm Where to Next in Information Management? Jaimie Tilbrook please contact speaker for information
 1:30 pm Customising and Extending Microsoft Teams Chris O’Connor PDF, 4.2 MB
 3:00 pm Digital Intuition – Future-proofing your Business and Workforce Rachel Wotten
 3:00 pm The Recipe for a Successful Digitisation Project Henry Patishman PDF, 4.4 MB
 3:00 pm How to Make all the Components of Office 365 Work For You Loryan Strant Slideshare
 3:00 pm Introduction to Microsoft Identity in the Cloud Mark Rhodes PDF, 2.7 MB


NOTE:  Not all speakers will choose to share their presentations. This page will be updated as they are received.

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