Microsoft Teams – The Rising Star

One of the biggest things we hear in our line of work is “What is this MS Teams, how do we integrate it and make it work for us”.

Sure, MS Teams seems to have suddenly gained plenty of attention lately and Microsoft are doing some amazing updates to ensure collaboration is seamless. Such as:

  • Chat based conversations/Private and Public
  • Bots for tasks and activities
  • A Modern SharePoint Team site within Teams
  • Integration with other apps – Planner, OneNote, and more
  • Add-ins such as Tabs to integrate internal or external content – Salesforce as one example

This is all great stuff but in the real world how does this translate into business transformation and productivity?

When do we use Teams vs SharePoint Sites – or with them?

How many Teams? Who should create them?

What’s the governance around them? Do we need any?

How does it all fit in with Groups and other Office 365 Apps?

Why should I look into it even?

We are fortunate at this years’ conference to have so many speakers ready to clarify what MS Teams can really deliver for your business, from Adoption strategies to Implementation and how to collaborate for business efficiency.

It’s all about Cultural Adoption!

Your business has been handed Office 365 and the myriad of business tools within, but without adoption and culture change your business will not see the benefits these tools offer.


Implement and Engage!

Imagine if you will a buffet table, the various dishes arranged neatly on their separate platters. Appetising isn’t it? Imagine now the same table but without any separation in the way the dishes are presented – just one big pile of food. Unappetising! In this scenario you would leave and head to a place you know the food is good.

I see technology in a similar way. Users like what they know and it takes careful planning to deliver something that will convince your users to move from what they know and try something new. Have a look at the following sessions that cover how to successfully engage employees and gain a better understanding of  the inner workings of MS Teams.

MS Teams will be a fantastic tool – it may even revolutionise the Digital Workplace as we know it. But as with any new and shiny toy, it takes time and understanding how to use it and how it will impact us going forward. If you’re lost in the cloud (pardon the pun) of MS Teams, there is help out there, and starting with our Digital Workplace Conference is a great place to begin.