Meet Modern Valo, the first in-a-box solutions built on top of Modern SharePoint

Are you ready to future-proof your digital workplace experience? Make sure that you are able to focus on what’s most important, creating content and enhancing your community within your workplace.

Are you a SharePoint user? You might want to read further as we have some interesting news for you.

A year ago, at Microsoft Ignite, the biggest takeaway from the first keynote was Modern SharePoint, which in this case translates to a better user experience. In practice, it means Hub Sites and Communications Sites are easier to use, mobile friendly, and more beautiful to look at.

This year, it is our turn to go modern! At the latest SharePoint Conference, held in Las Vegas this May, we premiered our version of Valo running on all the Modern experiences and ever since, the feedback has been nothing but great!

Modern SharePoint with a Cherry on Top – Modern Valo

Our modern offering of Valo is built on top of Modern SharePoint and delivered using the same mechanism, plus filling the gaps to create an even smoother SharePoint experience.

Our Valo Partner, Daniel Glenn, from InfoWorks sums it up quite nicely:

“It’s not like you are either going to choose Valo or you are going to choose SharePoint Modern. Valo Modern is not a replacement for SharePoint functionality but it is embracing that functionality and building upon it.”

[image: Modern Valo is beautiful to look and it scales to all devices]

So if you are already using SharePoint, why not spice it up a bit and drive users to a more appealing option.

With so many features, or sundaes, one cherry isn’t enough! Here’s a few of our favorite that we dropped on top of Modern SharePoint:

Easy to navigate: With breadcrumb controls, fully secured mega menu and big footer, you will find what you are looking for in only a few glances.

Beautiful to look at: Easily create visually pleasing, branded experiences and modify the look by changing the colors and the way the content is structured.

Create content fast: In no time, you can create content from wherever you are inside your intranet with our Valo Toolbox.

Fully multilingual: Valo offers full, machine translated or manually created, language versions in a matter of seconds!  Just create a page and publish it to the local site without leaving the original page.

Want to see Modern Valo in action?

Why wouldn’t you? After all, Valo is among the very first intranet in-a-box solutions built on top of Modern SharePoint. “Modern UI! We can’t wait to get our hands on Modern UI. I love the publishing features and the sneak peaks you have given to us. We are really excited about all the possibilities” said Valo Partner, Lee Wise & Daniel Fowle from Pythagoras, when we introduced modern to our partners for the first time.

If you want to see for yourself, we’d be glad to give you a Modern Valo demo, or a classic one at our booth 9 in Australian Digital Workplace Conference!

Valo’s aim is to make everyone’s working day brighter by offering easy-to-use and intuitive digital workplace solutions ensuring you can focus on the most important aspects of your organization. Your people. See for yourself why so many have already fallen in love with Valo.