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Wrap up for DWCAU and DWCNZ 2019

Well that’s a wrap for another year completed of awesome Digital Workplace Conferences in New Zealand and Australia! With such a diverse audience, it is hard to provide enough variety for everyone, but the feedback this year was really positive, especially around the range of sessions we selected. Also our introduction of some sessions that […]

5 ways to improve your workplace productivity issues

Author Lee Stevens Lee’s sessions Office 365 User Adoption – 5 Simple Steps that will send your Users into Orbit! and Microsoft Teams Deep Dive – 29 Practical Tips and Tricks Increasing workplace productivity should be a key objective for any Senior Executive at a large organisation, so why are so few succeeding? When I arrived […]

Lead through frequent, brief conversations

Author Darrell Webster Session, Authentic and Accessible Employee Engagement with Microsoft 365.   Skilled and experienced people are walking out the door of their workplaces, taking their value to a different organisation. What was it that lead them to move on? It’s likely that their engagement needs weren’t being met. No upward movement in skill, […]

Modern SharePoint: The citizen Developer’s best friend

Author Tracy van der Schyff Sessions: The Evolution of Finding Stuff & Necessary Steps to Adopting a Digital First Business Mindset I’ve had a love-hate relationship with SharePoint for many years, starting with SharePoint 2007. As humans, it’s natural to accept what works and complain or be miserable about what doesn’t. I’m fortunate to be […]

Why I believe Office Add-ins are the underrated productivity enabler

Blog written by Cameron Dwyer, Don’t miss Cameron’s session Bring Line of Business Systems to Where your Users Work – the Opportunity of Extending Office 365 We are living through the age of digital transformation, where businesses are finding new and novel ways to embrace technology to change processes and gain competitive advantages. This has […]

Office 365 Sessions to Choose From

A lot has changed this year in Office 365; the addition of Apps that integrate with each other now gives the user more power of choice. Need to understand what is possible or where to start? This year’s Digital Workplace Conference provides you with THE BEST opportunity to look at the capability of Office 365 Apps. See them demonstrated, […]

9 Reasons to send your team to a conference

As winter draws in, the main technology conference season also kicks off in Australia and New Zealand. If you are a manager of a team (large or small), you may be also be thinking about ways you can help to develop your colleagues (or yourself) – but need inspiration. Attending a conference is one of […]

Travel Tips for Flying Through a Conference!

This is your Conference Captain Debbie Ireland speaking; Welcome aboard the DWC journey! Before you embark I have a few tips to help you enjoy your conference experience. Come Prepared! Maximise your Opportunities. Leave Fulfilled!  Preparing for Take Off 1. Grab a Seat Register and make the most of any Early Bird savings. Hint: if you are […]

The stats say it all….

By Debbie Ireland of ShareThePoint Ltd. Despite Office 365 having been around a few years now, there’s still a lot of interest in and concern about user adoption.  At DWCNZ this year, I asked the room to fill out some quick polls during my session (The Lego Approach to Implementing Office 365) and some of […]

Microsoft Teams – The Rising Star

One of the biggest things we hear in our line of work is “What is this MS Teams, how do we integrate it and make it work for us”. Sure, MS Teams seems to have suddenly gained plenty of attention lately and Microsoft are doing some amazing updates to ensure collaboration is seamless. Such as: […]