Can a Robot Write a Symphony? Bots and AI – the New Buzz Words!

Artificial intelligence (AI) conjures up images in our minds of the Matrix, rogue robots taking over the world, or robot-kids developing the ability to love.  In reality, AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new information and make decisions based on it.

Why do we care?  

Because of the infinite opportunities it promises, like:

  • Bringing more accurate data, with deeper analytics
  • Enhancing connections by removing economic, cultural and language barriers
  • Making everyday activities easier and better
  • Improving our existing technologies, and give us a greater vision

So what does AI look like?

  • A car driving itself
  • Netflix surfacing programmes ‘you might be interested in’
  • Subscription based services predicting which clients will unsubscribe, so they can be incentivised to stay before they know they’re going to leave
  • An AI assisted cure for cancer – possibly less than a decade away
  • IBM’s Slamtracker – helping players at Wimbledon identify what areas of their game need improvement
  • Digital marketing software that finds the most profitable audience for an ad

What about Bots?

Bots are software programmes that perform automated, repetitive, pre-defined tasks.  There are all different kinds of bots – and if you want to find out more about them, have a read of this article.  Chatbots are commonly employed as customer service tools or to answer questions (you might have met some of Microsoft’s bots – like T-Bot in Teams?).  But they are especially useful when you employ them to go do stuff for you.

It’s such a mind-boggling, exciting, fascinating topic.  It is also something relevant to today’s Digital Workplace and presents a leading them at this year’s event!

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