Australia is leading the way in global workplace trends

By Nicholas Yap Repost from Workplace Matters

The World of work is changing and Australia is leading the way…

Is Australia leading the world in adopting activity-based working? According to a recent study, Trends in the Modern Workplace 2018, absolutely! 68% of Australian businesses have embraced activity-based working, within their workplaces offering a variety of workspaces for employees, including lounge areas and café style seating for informal collaboration, and quiet spaces for focused work.

68% of Australian businesses have embraced Activity based working

Location, Location, Location

The workplace of the past is gone, cubicles, fixed desks and individual offices are almost a relic of yesteryear. Now, modern workforces are looking for agile working environments, effective spaces, eco-friendlier workplaces and wellness facilities. Employees require freedom and choice to work how they want and when they want and 58% of our friends down under agree creating an enjoyable environment for their workforce is effective in fostering workplace productivity.

Be careful not to underestimate how successful your business could be.” – Heidi & Lucy, Mentorloop, online platform built exclusively for the mentoring community.

Which is a good for businesses, because Australian workers (55%) are now placing a greater importance on the look and feel of their workplaces and 58% of Australian workers are proud to bring visitors to their offices. Dropbox employees in Sydney will definitely be among those statistics, as the company designed a space to look like home, Deeps De Silva, head of marketing, APAC & Japan, explains: “The hours you spend in the office are significant, and we wanted an environment people feel comfortable in. It’s an extension of a home to our customers and our users as well.


The Modern Workplace Report 2018: People, Places & Technology – the state of the current workspace, working environment trends, issues surrounding meeting management and the rise of agile working

Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration

With a global workforce, comes global collaboration. And with that, differing workplace culture, ideas and attitude which vary from country to country.

56% of Australian’s Agree Interdepartmental collaboration is effective

Collaboration has always been a hot topic in the workplace no matter the size of your organisation. According to report by Deloitte, The Collaborative Economy, Australia’s collaborative economy is worth $46 billion, this report found businesses which focus on collaboration grow at a faster than those businesses without a strategy. It will come as no surprise being able to collaborate with your global workforce is now vital to ensuring effective productivity with your workforce. Australia is on the global stage with positive attitudes towards collaboration, the Workplace Trends 2018 Research, shows global C-Suites all agree interdepartmental collaboration is effective within the workforce.

The best ideas have come about by getting a group together and talking through all the angles and perspectives.” – Joshua McNicol, Head of Marketing, Temple & Webster, Australian homewares

Australian’s are known globally for their hard-working nature and a country which fundamentally understands the importance of a creating that work/life balance, but now, as the statistics show, Australia is a global player and helping to drive the next generation in workplace experiences.

The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report