About Us

ShareThePoint Ltd. (est. 2007) comprises a dedicated team of people who are passionate about Office 365 and SharePoint. We enjoy training and helping people gain knowledge. Our expertise comes from not only understanding the capabilities of the products, but also in being able to align this with the business benefits. We like to keep things simple! With over 12 years of providing quality in-person classroom and private onsite training courses we take these valuable materials and make them available to you anywhere, anytime!


ShareThePoint organises the annual Digital Workplace Conferences in Australia and New Zealand – no place else to get such dedicated Office 365 learning in such a short time.

Digital Workplace Days

These are local events, with a focus on what is most important (and relevant) to YOU in your organisations. They provide a high value opportunity for learning and networking, with takeaways for immediate use.


ShareThePoint offers on-site, in-person and online training through
Digital Workplace Training.

Delivery Type Descriptions
Self-Paced Learners can do the work in their own time, at their own pace. Materials include informational slides, videos to demonstrate concepts, exercises to guide learning and quiz’s to assess knowledge transfer. No instructor present.
Virtual Class These are scheduled sessions (2 or 3 over a week) which are Instructor Led. The participants are required to attend for the full duration. The Instructor is on hand to guide attendees through the concepts, demonstrate and assist with exercises and answer questions. Pre and Post work is a requirement of this course. One month’s access to the online materials is included.
Public Class Participants physically attend course held in various locations across New Zealand as scheduled (delivery is dependent on minimum registration numbers being reached)
Onsite Class Currently available in New Zealand and Australia – an instructor delivers this course to a group of 12-16 participants at your workplace. Training can take place in your O365 environment, and limited access to online materials in included. The courses can have modules more tailored to the needs of your organisation. Email us for more information if you are interested. training@sharethepoint.com