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Oscar Trimboli is best described as a visionary leader at the convergence of marketing, technology and telecommunications. Well-known for his informative, entertaining and inspirational speeches, he is a specialist at looking at the intersection between people, technology and the business.

Drawing on his 30-year background in business, Oscar has developed his body of knowledge into a study of clarity and assumptions. Clients describe Oscar as an “industry visionary” who delivers “results that are beyond expectations”.

In his work across education, entertainment, financial services, health care, manufacturing, professional services, property, and technology – Oscar has a unique perspective about what leaders of today are thinking and the problems of the future that they are looking to solve.

Organisations like 20th Century Fox, AstraZeneca, Cisco, Google, HSBC, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, SAP and Telstra, Oscar has helped to transform the thinking of emerging high potential and executive leaders exploring some of the most complex challenges facing these organisations.

As the head coach for The Marketing Academy Australia, Oscar is uniquely placed to understand the most current problems for brands and their customers and what changes in leadership thinking is required to explore and navigate these challenges.

Oscar is the author of the book Breakthroughs – How to confront assumptions. Throughout the book he explores how to become aware of your assumptions and understand whether they are serving you or holding you back.

In 2008, he ran the Microsoft Office Division so although he probably won’t openly admit it – he probably knows more about SharePoint and Digital Workplaces than he lets on. His friends say that he is still a little too connected to his ultimate superhero power of invisibility – ironic when you speak for a living. 😉

In his spare time he loves helping others achieve their first goals running their first ½ marathons and ocean swims with his wife Jennie as a team captain and mentor for Cancer Research charity www.cantoo.org.au

Twitter: @oscartrimboli
LinkedIn: Oscar Trimboli
Blog: www.oscartrimboli.com/blog/
Web: www.oscartrimboli.com

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