Transform Knowledge Management and Collaboration with Office 365

SharePoint is part of many knowledge management solutions in organisations all over the world. When you use SharePoint with Office 365, you have the potential to transform the way your organization connects and collaborates in ways that have not been possible in the past.

But there are a lot of choices – modern vs. classic sites, Teams, Groups, Yammer, and Delve – and the degree of maturity for each capability is different (and evolving) – especially when it comes to KM. If you are wondering how you can best enable your KM objectives with Office 365, this session is for you!

You will learn how you can leverage the current capabilities of Office 365 to capture, share, retain, and transfer organisational knowledge. You will take away practical advice about what’s real, what’s promised, and what you need to know when it comes to Office 365 and knowledge management – so you can make the best decision about what to adopt and how to deploy.

Office365 SharePoint
Location: Thought Leadership Date: August 23, 2017 Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Sue Hanley Sue Hanley