Randstad – How an Australian Organisation Enabled 100% Digital Processes

A common mindset among businesses around digitisation is that it has to be big, involving complex systems and legacy integrations. This HR Services and Recruitment company has proven otherwise, isolating the most critical point of friction in its business – paper – and placing its focus on removing that.

When Randstad helped job seekers and employees save time by digitising up to 60-page candidate packs, a happy consequence was that it saved more than $1 million in costs. It also managed to save four weeks of employee admin time each year; compelling results for a company whose driver was to improve the candidate experience by moving it online.

In this session, Jon Brown from DocuSign will:

  • Present the Randstad use case, accompanied by a live demonstration to deliver practical guidance on how delegates can integrate digital business processes into their businesses.
  • Talk from the customer’s perspective about the challenges it faced and how it navigated them.
  • Clearly articulate and quantify the typical cost and efficiency benefits associated with replacing manual business processes with digital ones.
  • Support the use case with statistics from recent market research on Australia’s digital mind set (*DocuSign commissioned independent research to be published Jul 20).

You will come away with a clear view of the steps involved in removing paper from both internal processes and external customer engagements; and insights into the current mindset of Australian business around digitisation.

Case Study
Location: Case Study Date: August 24, 2017 Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Jon Brown Jon Brown