Less artificial, more intelligent: Bots and the Digital Workplace

Are you missing out on the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Many organisations do not realise that AI can be offer affordable, realistic solutions to their business problems. Increasingly sophisticated AI services can reduce staff time spent on tedious admin and increase engagement with your Digital Workplace.
While some early releases may have underwhelmed users with rigid language requirements and limited functionality, the new generation of Digital Workplace Assistants are capable of more complex, contextual tasks.

How to get started?

This session will highlight opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence alongside the Digital Workplace to drive digital transformation and make everyone’s lives easier.
Marcus will present a live demo of a Microsoft Azure AI bot, illustrating how it can: :

  • Add a new contact to a CRM by answering a few simple questions
  • Fill in a form via Q&A
  • Source and watch a video
  • Suggest a great new idea
  • Locate a document template
  • And even order lunch!

Come to this session if you are interested in how AI bots can transform your Digital Workplace.

Location: Thought Leadership Date: August 7, 2019 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm Marcus Dervin Marcus Dervin