Keynotes: Hackalicious + The Digital Workplace Champion

We welcome Michael Kordahi, (technologist + inventor) and Christian Buckley (CollabTalk, USA) as our two keynote presenters this year.

1. Hackalicious

Michael Kordahi, hacker, educator, founder, technologist and inventor.

Break it open. Figure it out. Make a better one. Then ask for permission.

Innovation, disruption, design thinking, growth mindset, failing forward… call it what you like, it’s all awesomesauce!

There is bucket loads of value in thinking and behaving with a healthy disregard for conformity and a thirst for being resourceful, creative and curious. Whether it’s from a fancy activity-based workspace or a garage, it’s these attributes which are in abundance in people who have made impact. The biggest products, innovations, movements and companies in history have come from this hacker mindset.

We all have it and recognise it in ourselves, so it’s time to be deliberate about exercising it.

We’re in a time of unprecedented, democratised access to technology, it’s on us to make it dance in ways that have never been seen before.

“In one person, he [Isaac Newton] combined the experimenter, the theorist and the mechanic.” – Albert Einstein

2. The Rise of the Digital Workplace Champion

Christian Buckley, Founder & CEO of CollabTalk and 6-time Microsoft MVP.

We’ve heard so much talk about transforming our organisations into Digital Workplaces, but what does that mean for each of us individually? Any kind of digital transformation will have an impact on our technology and core business processes — but the biggest impact will undoubtedly be to company culture. Are you ready for this change? What will be your personal role as your organisation transforms?

In this keynote presentation, Christian will talk about the personal and cultural impacts of the Digital Workplace, outline the roles needed for successful transformation, and share insights into how each of us can be better prepared for the changes ahead. He will cover:

• How the Digital Workplace will impact how we collaborate and communicate
• The important role of the “Digital Workplace Champion”, and how to make it your own
• Creating a culture of information sharing and communication
• Putting change management at the centre of our business transformation.


See full agenda here

Location: Keynote Date: August 23, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Michael Kordahi Private: Michael Kordahi Christian Buckley Christian Buckley