InfoPath is Dead-as, Bro!

Fresh from running PowerApps and Flow Hackathons, honorary Kiwi Paul Culmsee is back to provide a session on the dark arts of citizen development in Office 365 using PowerApps and Flow.

What is citizen development, you may ask?
It is when a business user creates new solutions without relying on professional developers. Things change fast in the cloud, and Microsoft have not stood still. Now you have ability to customise the SharePoint experience using PowerApps – a common scenario for InfoPath.

Paul will cover this new functionality, as well as some other recent innovations, showcasing some real-world examples from recent projects he has worked on.

Finally, Paul will provide some insights on governance and training considerations so that the CIO can rest assured that the citizen development is handled appropriately.

This session will be fun and interactive, and should be of value to the geeks as well as strategic decision-makers. Was also rated TOP session in New Zealand!

Office365 PowerApps SharePoint
Location: Implementation Date: August 16, 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am Paul Culmsee Paul Culmsee