From Intranet to Digital Experience Platform

From Intranet to Digital Experience Platform: How a DXP is Challenging the way we interact with technology, old and new.

Is there really a way to unify disparate technologies (recently referred to by Gartner as the proverbial steaming pile of dung)? Some say the solution to this problem is essentially a Digital Experience Platform. A DXP is a new layer that integrates with both new and legacy platforms, providing a single pane of glass for organisations to categorise disparate platforms and applications, and, thus, surface these in a meaningful and user friendly manner. But what exactly is a digital experience platform and can it really counter the chaos of siloed technologies?

In this session, Owen will share some of the realities these organisations are tackling – particularly around the question every business should ask honestly of themselves: “Is our technology stack an enabler or a disabler?” LiveTiles are an ASX listed software company working with organisations such as PACT Group, the Australian Ballet and many others across APAC to build out DXPs for progressive teams who are faced with the daily challenge of navigating multiple technologies.

Case Study
Location: Case Study Date: August 24, 2017 Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am Owen Brandt Owen Brandt