Case Study: Office in the Outback

Office in the Outback – Using Office 365 as a Service for Field Mobility Applications

This session will peer into the development of a suite of award-winning field mobility applications created for Decmil Australia’s remote field workers. These field worker applications were designed for use in the rugged Australian outback, where network connectivity is sparse and navigation between remote sites is often across hundreds of miles on unmarked dirt roads, making Azure Mobile Services Offline Sync a key enabler for productivity on the road. A compelling suite of applications enables the field workers to navigate to remote construction sites, access up to date land access rules and regulations, monitor and log hazards on route, edit forms and documents on the road, and report daily progress; all without the extensive paper-based process required previously.    In this session we cover the journey from user design to maintaining disconnected applications suites in operations on the field.

We will discuss:

  • Patterns for user-centric mobile application design
  • Benefits of early prototyping and agile development methodology for mobile field worker applications
  • Utilising Office 365 features as a service from Mobile Applications
  • Strategies for architecting, developing and maintaining common Azure Mobile Services back-end across multiple apps and Office 365 Tenants.

Our journey ends at deployment and maintenance in challenging network conditions, utilising devices that contain confidential data, and which has to be managed while traveling thousands of kilometres every day in the Australian outback.

Case Study Office365 Productivity SharePoint
Location: Room 2 Date: April 28, 2016 Time: 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm Veli-Matti Vanamo Private: Veli-Matti Vanamo