Azure Functions and Office 365 – Building Serverless Solutions

There is a lot to like about client-side front-end Office 365 customisations. We can test and deploy easily, it works anywhere we have a browser. Life is wonderful.
That is, until we need to deploy some sort of hosted custom code – a scheduled timer job, an event receiver or an permission elevation.
Suddenly, we have to find a server, or host a Azure website, we don’t know what else do we need… thank goodness Serverless is here and it will solve these problems and let us focus on what we do best – write code, create business solutions, all while not having to worry about servers.
This is a discussion for the developers and IT Pros – where do you begin with Azure Functions and where could microservices lead us to? Azure Function’s utility spans beyond just simple code across to Workflows, Flow and even PowerApps, beyond SharePoint and unlocks doors across all of Office 365.

Location: Technical Deep Dive Date: August 23, 2017 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm John Liu John Liu