Accelerate Success and Time-to-value for Office 365 with Best Practices from the Field

Deploying Office 365 with success can be a painful and difficult experience. As you already know, it is not exactly a technical project. Communication skills and pace are essential to reach success and adoption.

In this session, we share the lessons we have learnt deploying Office 365 in a great number of organisations  – from small ones to the biggest multinational companies.

We will cover these four areas:

  1. Know your users and stakeholders.
  2. How to give sense of usage to all these tools.
  3. Major topics to train your users on.
  4. How to make them understand the real nature of Office 365 and Microsoft innovation.

Technologies covered will be: Microsoft Teams, Office as a Service, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint (and more).

So, you will learn from our experience what works  – and maybe most importantly, what has not worked.
This will help you and your customers (internal and external) to accelerate and get the quickest path to success.

Case Study Microsoft Teams Office365 SharePoint
Location: Business Productivity Date: August 15, 2018 Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Patrick Guimonet Patrick Guimonet Ashish Trivedi Ashish Trivedi