OneNote – The Productivity Tool!

OneNoteEver wondered what this magical little icon is? What it can do?

  • Make your life simpler with notes ALL in the one place
  • Share the information with your team, external people, project members – anyone!

A pre-conference workshop is now available in Melbourne on the morning of Wednesday 27 April (3 hours).

This session will be sure to provide you with inspiration to take your collaboration, personal organisation and information sharing to the next level.

The entire course is in OneNote!

Learn tips, tricks, features and ideas…and take it all home with you!

This course is more than just how-to; it uses the tool to apply fundamental principles of productivity. This is not only across business use, but also for your own personal growth. It is for anyone with too much to do….too many lists….in need of a process and system to sort tasks and a tool to do it.

Each of the exercises takes you through practical applications of OneNote, focusing on specific uses, and teaching you the basic how-tos along the way.

There are a myriad of other applications this simple tool provides, some of which will be covered in the course:

  • How to use OneNote personally to improve your productivity and time management.
  • Creating a knowledge base for sharing critical knowledge, both formal and informal.
  • Managing project or team information, planning and processes.
  • Using OneNote as a toolkit to replace current shared resources and for use as an appraisal tool.
  • Using OneNote as a learning guide, helping your staff to deliver their best work and adopt the technologies you implement.

More info and registrations: