Chris O’Connor – Microsoft Teams

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Chris O’Connor.

I'm SpeakingWith the change in terminology over the years, the name “SharePoint” became a little grey/muddy – and we said goodbye to the “SharePoint Conference”.

I’ll be presenting a session about MICROSOFT TEAMS – and what you can do from a developer viewpoint.

This platform (teams) is one of the most exciting new tools from Microsoft, following on from Office 365 “Groups”.

I’m also re-thinking and re-evaluating what it means to have an “INTRANET” – with the use of tools like MS-Teams – and wonder how we’ll see a tool like OUTLOOK in a few years from now (email isn’t going away, but there are other ways of working together).

Project activities via “conversational collaboration” and “chat-based workspaces” are the new way – but are businesses ready ??

And then there’s AZURE – which is massive…

Stuff is happening so fast that it’s hard to know how to keep up-to-date. And – it’s hard to know what is the best way to do X, Y, or Z… (pick your topic).

Which is why it’s GREAT to have a conference like DWC – where there will be lots of different perspectives and viewpoints – and wonderful discussion & debate.

*I* personally enjoy these conferences to validate my own perspectives and technical approaches – and either (a) discover something new or (b) realise that what I’m doing is correct – and BOTH are great outcomes !


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Chris’ session at DWCAU is: