Liz Coup – Sowing the Seeds of Change

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Liz Coup. After dealing with so many different organisations and industries over the years as a consultant and trainer, one thing stands out as a common challenge they all face. Change! It’s the one consistent thing we can all expect in the 21st century, and in many ways we are in a […]

Lee Stevens – 5 differences between Digital and IT

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Lee Stevens. Let’s put the word Digital in there. Then it must be Digital. Surely? Digital is in danger of becoming an arbitrary, meaningless term as it continues to be overused. This week, I read a well-crafted press release from a very well-known, IT Company here in New Zealand. They had won a deal to […]

Andrew Coates – Extensions for Office Client Applications

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Andrew Coates. Last time I spoke at this conference (when it was still the SharePoint Conference), I talked about building and creating documents with the OpenXML SDK and SharePoint2010 Word Automation Services. This ended up as one of my my most popular blog posts (part 1 and part 2). This year I’ll be talking […]

Elaine van Bergen – Microsoft Graph

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Elaine van Bergen. The Microsoft Graph is a single API gateway that can be used to access a wide range of services including Azure AD, Outlook, Planner, OneDrive and SharePoint. For those of us that have been working in this space for a while, the idea of learning a single API to […]

What’s in the Office 365 Toolbox?

by DWCAU2017 Speaker Debbie Ireland.     Overwhelmed by the growing number of tools within Office 365?   The App Launcher just keeps growing! You won’t be the only one struggling with a) what to use and when, but also b) when and who to release it to in your company, not to mention how! […]

Christian Buckley – It’s About Employee Adoption, Stupid

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Christian Buckley: Collaboration expert, consulting CMO and researcher. In the younger days of SharePoint, while I was still working for Microsoft, I was happy when the sales organization finally began looking at not just the number of new licenses sold, but also at the number of active users. What happened was that […]

Loryan Strant – Navigating Office 365 Groups

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Loryan Strant. The topic I’m presenting on will be the most hotly discussed, debated, confused, and important areas of Office 365: Groups. Groups are at the heart of how things get done in Office 365 – they connect to Teams, StaffHub, SharePoint, and Yammer. Navigating Office 365 Groups can be challenging when […]

Bryan Whitefield – Experts Need Advocates

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Bryan Whitefield. No one doubts your expertise. Staff know when they need to come to you. The problem is, their perception is that you are just a techie. Pigeonholed It is natural for humans to pigeonhole things. We have a lot on our minds and the amount of information we need to […]

Vlad Catrinescu – SharePoint Hybrid, PowerShell and Business Processes

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Vlad Catrinescu. While this is the 8th Digital Workplace Conference (previously known as the SharePoint Conference), it’s my first time attending it and I am really excited to talk about a few awesome topics! What do YOU get from SharePoint Hybrid? My first session will be on SharePoint Hybrid, for the business user. […]