News from 2017

Sink Your Teeth into 2 Days of Techy Topics

This week’s agenda highlights are technical tuition and deep dive demonstrations for IT Pros and Developers by industry leaders and technical experts!  Find out more, and gain new skills and knowledge in our Technical track – containing 11 diverse presentations from an outstanding lineup of speakers. Sink your teeth in!   Stay Informed Subscribe to […]

Less than 2 weeks! – Focus on Keynotes and Customers

Announcing the 2017 Keynotes… we welcome Michael Kordahi (technologist and inventor) and Christian Buckley (Collabtalk, USA) as our two keynote presenters this year. “Hackalicious” and “The Rise of the Digital Workplace Champion”.   Intrigued?  Read on… Less than two weeks to go until DWCAU2017! Make sure you have your ticket now.   Stay Informed Subscribe to […]

K2 – Driving a Better Customer and Employee Experience with Process

Driving a Better Customer and Employee Experience with Process – Pre-Emptive vs Reactive by Tony Roupell – All things related to BPM, Workflow, Forms and Digital  @TonyRoupell In the old days (as in pre-smartphones), customer retention was driven by brand loyalty; a smiling face behind a counter or in a branch or a friendly voice […]

Rachel Wotten – Digital Intuition

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Rachel Wotten. The acceleration and pace of the digital movement is staggering. Upheavals in all businesses is at a point where studies are showing that organisations that do not keep up with the pace of digitisation and the workplace practices around that and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be out of business within […]

Robert Tucker – Welcome to My World!

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Robert Tucker.   For me, 2017 is a year of new challenges and one of these is standing in front of more than 10 people (I hope) and presenting some content. I am really excited (this as you know is a trademark Microsoft saying) to be presenting at the #DWCAU. I will […]

Chris O’Connor – Microsoft Teams

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Chris O’Connor. With the change in terminology over the years, the name “SharePoint” became a little grey/muddy – and we said goodbye to the “SharePoint Conference”. I’ll be presenting a session about MICROSOFT TEAMS – and what you can do from a developer viewpoint. This platform (teams) is one of the most exciting new […]

James Robertson – Digital Workplace Thought Leader

DWCAU2017 Speaker – James Robertson. Just a year or two ago, the phrase “digital workplace” seemed a bit out of place. Bigger than intranets or collaboration tools, but rather hard to define. How much has changed! Digital workplace is now well-defined as a term, and there’s a real sense that it’s helping to reshape thinking […]

Liz Coup – Sowing the Seeds of Change

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Liz Coup. After dealing with so many different organisations and industries over the years as a consultant and trainer, one thing stands out as a common challenge they all face. Change! It’s the one consistent thing we can all expect in the 21st century, and in many ways we are in a […]

Lee Stevens – 5 differences between Digital and IT

by DWCAU2017 Speaker – Lee Stevens. Let’s put the word Digital in there. Then it must be Digital. Surely? Digital is in danger of becoming an arbitrary, meaningless term as it continues to be overused. This week, I read a well-crafted press release from a very well-known, IT Company here in New Zealand. They had won a deal to […]