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Office 365 and its Myriad of Tools!

The App Launcher just keeps growing! You won’t be the only one struggling with a) what to use and when, but also b) when and who to release it to in your company, not to mention how! Office 365 has a myriad of products and most companies are using only a fraction of the tools […]

Primer for Modern Office Development – start your journey here

by Cameron Dwyer Let’s start with a little bit of history: the year was 2008, when Windows PCs and Microsoft Office had been entrenched throughout organisations around the globe. We saved all our files on a network drive (if we were smart), or SharePoint if we were really smart and had a dedicated engineer that […]

The 9 Pillars of Digital Workplace Success

By Marcus Dervin Pillar 7 – Social technology strategy We’re all familiar with social technologies (often just called “social”) in our personal lives, and there are several ways for people to connect at work via both Microsoft social technology apps such as Yammer, Teams, Groups and SharePoint, and others like Facebook for Business, Jive or […]

Why, When & How to Implement Business Productivity Tools

Positive change, smooth on-boarding and greater productivity! Get insight into how the changing face of the Digital Workplace impacts your business.  Explore new capability  Gain product overviews  Get the “how-to”  Make the tools work for you DWCAU brings 7 vibrant speakers with introductory sessions in our Business Productivity track. Business Productivity Speaker Topic Stuart Nielsen Business Process Excellence: Finding the Right Balance between Customer, Cost […]

Deep Dive into our Implementation Sessions

IT Pros, Developers and Power Users –  gain valuable skills and knowledge. – More Technical content for our IT Pros – Deep dive sessions – Look into the new world of Forms – What’s new and improved in Office 365 for a developer – Hands-on demonstrations for real insight.   Enjoy the diverse and skilled lineup of industry leaders in unique presentations […]

Thought-provoking Content Drives the Thought Leadership Track

Looking to improve your soft skills? Non-technical content Learn to embrace and manage change in the Digital Workplace Thought-provoking NEW content Essential 21st century skills for new ways of working.   Enjoy the diverse and skilled line up of industry leaders in 10 unique presentations in our Thought Leadership track Presenter      Topic Marcus Dervin How to Create True Digital Transformation with […]