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Australia is leading the way in global workplace trends

By Nicholas Yap Repost from Workplace Matters The World of work is changing and Australia is leading the way… Is Australia leading the world in adopting activity-based working? According to a recent study, Trends in the Modern Workplace 2018, absolutely! 68% of Australian businesses have embraced activity-based working, within their workplaces offering a variety of […]

Travel Tips for Flying Through a Conference!

This is your Conference Captain Debbie Ireland speaking; Welcome aboard the DWC journey! Before you embark I have a few tips to help you enjoy your conference experience. Come Prepared! Maximise your Opportunities. Leave Fulfilled!      Preparing for Take Off 1. Grab a Seat Register and make the most of any Early Bird savings. Hint: […]

Can a Robot Write a Symphony? Bots and AI – the New Buzz Words!

Artificial intelligence (AI) conjures up images in our minds of the Matrix, rogue robots taking over the world, or robot-kids developing the ability to love.  In reality, AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new information and make decisions based on it. Why do we care?   Because of the infinite […]

XML is dead – long live JSON

By Dave Paylor, Repost from WordPress While I loved the power of XSLT – you may have noticed from some of my other posts – I was never really a big fan of XML.  Yes, I used it when I had to but it always seemed like a lot of effort to get anywhere – […]

*VIDEO* Adding a Content Type’s Metadata into its Document Template

In this video, we demonstrate how we can add a Content Type’s metadata columns into its document template. The benefit of this is to improve end user efficiency, by ensuring that the information entered into the document doesn’t also then have to be populated into the document’s metadata columns, as well as guaranteeing that the […]

Surfing Office 365 waves, Q2 CY2018 update

By Patrick Guimonet– reposted from LinkedIn Following the publication of my article on Surfing the Office 365 Waves: an Office 365 Roadmap Analysis with Power BI in March 2018, I have got an incredible amount of positive feedback. I continued to analyse and follow Office 365 roadmap, and the impact of latest announcements on it […]

Building Your Corporate Brand

By Christian Buckley. Reposted from CollabTalk A common mistake is thinking that your corporate branding – your logo, tagline, and chosen color palette – constitutes your brand. Sure, these things play a role in your branding, but they are just one small facet of your overall brand. More than any design elements, it is your […]

What to Expect in SharePoint Server 2019

Back in September last year, Microsoft officially announced that the next version of their ever-popular on-premises document management/collaboration/Intranet tool would (as expected) be called SharePoint Server 2019, and that it would be available from around the middle of 2018, so any time now… But what can we expect from SharePoint 2019, that we don’t already get […]