Why I believe Office Add-ins are the underrated productivity enabler

Blog written by Cameron Dwyer, Don’t miss Cameron’s session Bring Line of Business Systems to Where your Users Work – the Opportunity of Extending Office 365

We are living through the age of digital transformation, where businesses are finding new and novel ways to embrace technology to change processes and gain competitive advantages. This has seen almost all of our once paper based documentation make it’s way into digital form. The core Office product suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook remain the critical tools for our users to create and consume this digital content and are some of the most popular business applications on the planet.
With users spending so much time inside of Office products, being able to extend Office with add-ins provides enormous opportunity to deliver productivity saving features directly to users where they need it.

Imagine opening up Word to create a document and not having to leave Word to actually get the job done because everything you need is just there, available at your fingertips! Tighter integration between our systems is the promise of add-ins. It’s what users want, it’s what businesses want.
So this begs the question, why do we see so little investment in add-in development?
In short, the old add-in model had a bad stigma attached to it (unreliable, unstable, poor performance). We’ve had a completely new add-in model for several years, the way forward is through education and awareness so we can take advantage of this.

Integrate. Dominate.


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